Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have been slow to get this up on my blog recently. I have been climbing on ropes this last week, trying to get my fitness up for Yosemite, where I will be in less than two weeks. I have given two top rope burns on Brad's route, Mr Furious (5.13a), up on old stage road. The next time I try it will be on the sharp end placing gear. I also went up to Elevenmile Canyon to check out the Ice Box wall and the Sports wall, neither of which I had been to. Both were very impressive. Chris Barlow sent the jewel line of the Ice Box wall. We are not sure what it is called but it is around 5.13c. There are some other great, unbolted lines on this wall that we are keen to put up soon. I also tried a 5.12+ finger crack at the Sports wall that was very good. Hopefully I will get back up there today and give it another burn. Besides this, I have been climbing in the gym a lot in order to get some of my power back so I can also do some bouldering in Yosemite. More updates to come soon.

The 13c route Chris sent follows the red line. Heading straight up where the line cuts right would increase the difficultly and straighten the route out.


Bryan said...

hope you have a good trip mang!!!!!! crush dat shit!!!!!1

Brian Rhodes said...

Bueno Suerte Hyden! Like wise have a good trip!