Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well, guess what... its been raining in the Pacific Northwest. You know its a bad climbing destination when the weather is worse then New England. I got home last Thursday and Bret and I decided to go for it on Friday. It was the only day of sun in the forecast. It turned out to not be enough sun to dry things out and we struggled with damp rock all day. We both fell off grabbing the lip of Midnite. We also put some good work into the Archtitect but the top (crux) of the problem was moist. We checked out a few other blocks and things were either wet or landings had been washed away by flooding conditions along the Skynomish the week prior.

Snowy Mt Index

Pacific Northwest Rainforest

View from the quiet town of Index

Train tracks to approach Biult to Last. To access this block you have to cross a narrow train bridge. Just before venturing back across it a train came. Real glad we were not in the center when that happened.

"Trail" to get to Hagakure. This used to be a single track trail before flooding conditions last week washed the entire hillside out of any small plant life.

Biult to Last. One of the better boulder problems in the NW but the landing had yet to be biult to last. Once again too much rain foils our climbing plans.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Brayton, Chris, Sam and I headed up to P-Way today. Luckily it was warmer then its been recently and we were able to climb without freezing today. The main objective was Stand and Deliver. I was able to do the first move and came really close to the second. Thing is hard feeling. I also climbed The Rose (V7) and flashed The Font Problem (V4/9). Despite the rock being less then ideal in some spots, I will likely return before it warms up to try Stand and Deliver again.

The Font Problem

Child of the Storm

Monday, December 6, 2010


Sunday was a big ol session at Bradley. Max, Natasha, Jeremy, Brayton, Sam, Kieffer and I all headed down south to pull on the fine rock of central Connecticut. It turned out that 35 degrees is too cold for Bradley and the few sends that took place all ended in completely numb and desperate top outs. I was able to finish up the Prow (V10), and also do Homefront Arete (V7) and Underground Vibezzzzz (V8). In addition, Noah uploaded another nice peak into life at 1127 last year...