Monday, July 30, 2007

Trad Killa!

Back in Squamish

Went up to Squamish on Thursday night for an extended weekend trip. Unforenatly it was rather unproductive but I had a good time none the less so its ok. I went up with Elise and Eli from Portland and on Friday Bret Emma and Chris came up. We tried a lot of good problems, including Defender of the Faith , Jim Carey , Black Hole , The Great Esce , Worm World Low, The Egg, Backseat, and Sesame Street. Bret got a nice send of Sesame Street and I managed to send the Bulb but that was about it. Chris fell off reaching for the top out jug of Worm World Low on his second go and I feel at the same point the next day. Eli did Razorburn, a problem that I am convinced is actually like 3 grades harder tha n anyone calls it and Elise did Trad Killer. Here are a few pictures, and if some footage edits up nicely I will post that later. Unfortenatly it rained on Sunday making climbing difficult and that was followed by a fun 3 hours sitting at the boarder.

Bret tries the first move of Defender of the Faith

Chris sticks the dyno on Defender of the Faith

Eli on Trad Killer

Bret on the Great Escape

Eli on Trad Killer

Monday, July 9, 2007

Squamish, Part Two

Simon on Frontside (V12)

Simon nears the crux mantle of Ride the Lightning (V8)

Me on Backseat

Boyko on Blackhole


Squamish, Part One

Just got back from five days in Squamish. Climbed a few of the things I wanted to including Sharma's Link and No Troublems, both V10. Simon continued his rampage of doing everything he puts his mind to and Boyko continues to improve from his finger injury with sends of The Egg (V11), Backseat (V10), Blackhole (V10), and Velcro (V10). James also continued to improve his outside climbing abilities with a send of World World Cave (V9), the first for him of the grade. Here is a little video I put together but it is nothing special. Stay tuned for pictures.