Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leavenworth Photos

Simon on the Epoxy Flake (V10)

Simon sending the Practitioner (V12), Forestland

Simon on the Flake Problem (V7), Forestland

Boyko on the Hueco Project (V11?)

Me on Atomic Energy

Simon on Atomic Energy (V4/10)

Simon on the Ram (V12), Mad Meadows

Me on the Peephole, V11 Mad Meadows

James on an unnamed V6, Mad Meadows

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in Leavenworth

Have not posted for a while but it guess it is cause I have not been outside for far too long. Finally got back to Leavenworth for Friday Saturday and Sunday. We had quite the crew and ran into a lot of people we knew. Here is what went down: On Thursday night we arrived and at midnight Simon sent Big Booty Bitch Slap (v10) second go. He also did the Peephole at around 2 am third go (v11). Simon continued his rampage the next day sending The Ram (v12), The Cotton Pony (V10), The Coffee Cup (v10 after break), onsited Atomic Energy (v10), and flashed The Lonly Fish (v9). I had a very disapointing Friday and Saturday of climbing was did not manage to climb anything. However, Sunday everyone had a pretty good day. Simon sent the Practitioner (v12), a problem put up by Herm Fisner, and the Epoxy Flake (v10). Boyko and me sent the Coffee Cup and I also got Musashi (v9) on my first go of the day. Sorry for all the spray but it was an eventful trip and I had to put that out there. I was also psyched to see that people from out of Washington are starting to make stops at Leavenworth because it is fully worth it. Rob, Dave M. and Seth all had good sends two weekends back. Tonight or tomorrow I will post some of the pictures I got, I think there should be some dope stuff.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Good day at Goldbar

After a late start we arrived at the Five Star boulder late in the afternoon. I had a good day. Did Rossbongo my second try of the day and I am going to have to call it V9. Then I chilled for a while and did Ebreosity first try. I had been climbing ropes a bit and I guess the little endurance I gained helped. Here is a video Boyko shot and I edited.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Boyko and I got in a short trip to Squamish this weekend. Returned late Sunday night after hearing reports that it would be raining for the next week there and because of how absolutly worked we had gotten. Back to back 8 hour session days with almost non-stop climbing had reduced our psych on getting on anything hard. I managed to climb my first V6 in Squamish and also Rookie and Boyko got a quick ascent of Salad Shooter (V10). I am psyched to return for Worm World Cave Low, Backseat, No Troublems, and Sharma's Link.

Boyko on The Serpent

Me on Backseat