Sunday, July 25, 2010


I went up to Pawtuckaway with Kyle and Britney. It was a bit warm for hard bouldering but we got a good amount of climbing in none the less. After a good warm up circuit, we tried Ride the Lightning. However, a number of holds were wet and we could not get it done. Kyle managed Terrorist after a few tries. We both did a cool arete called Vintage. We also attempted Halcyon a bit but quickly realized we could not grab the poor holds today. We then headed over to a different area and after a lot of shenanigans, were both able to do Leave it to Beaver. We checked out a cool arete thing close by that Kyle though was a project. Looks doable but hard on great rock with a committing finish up high. Psyched to return here in the cold.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back at Rumney

I got back out today with Brayton to Rumney. We left Boston at 6 am so we could make it up to the cliff before it got too hot. Unfortunately, it was super humid this morning so despite cool temps, the rock did not feel great. After doing Waimea (5.10) as a warm up, I decided to run a second lap on it since it was so much fun. I then made progress on Riviera (5.13d), falling one move from the end of the hard climbing. This guy should go down quick when things feel better. Next, I quickly put together the moves on Charlie Don't Surf (13b) and should be able to link it together when its not in the sun. I then finished up the day refining beta and trying to link together some sections of the main goal, Parallel Universe (14a). If the weather cooperates, I will be back up next weekend for more. Below are two shots of the awesome rock at Rumney. Some of the best I have pulled on anywhere.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Brayton and I just got back from two days at Rumney. It was great to be pulling hard on great stone again and getting out has really brought my psych on rock climbing back. I have not been climbing outside much the last six months because of school. Having just moved to a new area I think has been a great thing because now everything is new again. I had fallen into a bad spot with Southern Colorado where all the things I had not done did not feel doable at all to me. Its like a whole new playground out here and I am ready to see all that there is to be had. No great sends this trip but the fitness is building and hopefully I can start taking some stuff down when it cools off. More, much more, to come.

Darron (I think, sorry) on Rhythm X (5.13b)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cannon Cliff

On Sunday I got out to Cannon Cliff with fellow CC alumbs Nick and Hale. It had rained the day before so we did not get to finish any routes due to wetness at the top of the cliff. However, it was a great day out and it felt good to get back on real rock after almost a month off. My psych is returning in full force. Did a long milage day at Metrorock yesterday and am going to try and go big this weekend. Pawtuckaway and Rumney. More updates to come. I promiss.