Monday, August 11, 2008

Why not to be afraid or get hosed by the media... and other things I learned in Salt Lake City

I went to the OR Trade Show in Salt Lake City for the first time this year. Despite having touched plastic cumulatively for less than an hour since the end of school, I decided to compete at the comp. Overall, both the show and the comp were a good time but the best part of it all was getting to connect with a lot of friends that I have not seen for a while.
Despite it having a very different vision from mine, I have to give Jason Danforth and Pete Ward big props for creating and executing these comps. I have heard criticism from a number of people concerning the details of the event but developing something on this scale takes a few tries and I have no doubt that in a few more years they will be pulling this off even better.
I will say I was a little taken aback by the scale of the OR show and despite the temps I felt much more comfortable out in Little Cottonwood Canyon than at the Convention Center. Bret and I spent some time working Bully and I already have plans to return at the end of October for five days when it is a bit cooler.

I was not going to post any comp shots but I really liked the shadow that Carlo is making on the wall in the background. Well done Mr. Stack.


sock hands said...

i'll 'hose on' your projects!!!

Bryan said...

Sup Hayden
Looks like shit has been going good for ya man, diggin on the fotos. So when yo going to be back in State? We need to get some pulling done!

hayden said...

sock hands: i have no doubt that you would crush many of my projects. i feel like i am climbing weaker than any time in the last year. every time i return home for a significant period of time, i end up climbing a lot less. that being said it is on like king kong in the southlands this fall.

byron: i return to colorado on the 21st and am seeing a concert at red rocks with tim before spending three or four days climbing with him. probably two at rocky and two at evans. then i roll back into the springs to work in the lab for my professor until school starts on the 1st.