Saturday, April 25, 2009


Been getting out a bunch recently considering the weather has either been too hot or wet.  Last Sunday I went to Shelf Road and put some goes into The Example (5.13-) and Manly Bulges (5.13+/14-?) but the highlight of the day was flashing Cure for the Common Crimp (5.13-).  It is my hardest flash by far and I had to dig deep to pull it off.  I returned to Shelf on Tuesday only to make no progress on The Example or Manly Bulges.  Wednesday I went to Elevenmile and fell off the top of Nathan's Couch again.  I have not put that much effort into a problem for a long, long time and I think it has to be at least V10.

Me just after the first crux of Cure for the Common Crimp. Brian Rhodes Photo.

Cure for the Common Crimp again. The next 15 feet of climbing is the crux of the climb.  It is probably more like a V6 boulder problem but I was PUMPED!  Felt good to get through it on my flash. Brian Rhodes Photo.

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