Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farley - Sunday

Despite possibly inclement weather and a much smaller crew, Brayton and I met up with Matt and Josh for a short Farley session today. After warming up and coming close to War on Terror, a hard slab/mantle climb heading left from Speed of Life, we all got excited about Prince Paul. Using only a few pads (and some conveniently placed natural vines to anchor one), we were able to safely protect all but the very top of this stunning line. We had a great session working out the moves on this and everyone tried it in great ground up style. I think this climb has only seen one ascent, after heavy top rope rehearsal, and I think it would be very cool to do the second ascent ground up. After a bit of rain, we finished up on Scarab and Pterodactyl but with tired bodies and worn down skin, today proved to not be quite the day of sending that Saturday was.

Entering the crux of Prince Paul

Mid crux of Prince Paul

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