Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back in New England

The last two days have yielded beautiful fall New England conditions. Chilly but comfortable and dry! The trees have begun turning and the colors are amazing. On Saturday, Max, Gavin, and I headed to Farley. It was my first time there and I was very excited. First of all, Speed of Life is amazing. I did not get on it since we did not have a ton of pads and I was not feeling my best. After warming up, I figured the moves to Pipe Dreams out but it was in the sun and I could not link it together. Next up was Stereogram. Both Gavin and I were able to put this one together. This was my first double digit boulder problem of 2010 and it was nice to realize I was in pretty good shape despite having not been climbing too much. Max and I worked on a compression project for a bit called Midsize Man. This rig is one of the most physical boulder problems I have ever seen. The beta is never the same and it comes down to trying really, really, really hard and refusing to let go. I also came close to Appetite for Destruction but by the end of the day was feeling pretty tired. Today, Max and I headed out to Great Barrington. We met up with some other people and set to work on the Speed boulder. Mark, an old friend of Max's, came as close as possible to Roses and Bluejays, falling off after matching the lip of the boulder. Next time man! I made some good progress on Something from Nothing and am excited to return.

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