Saturday, December 11, 2010


Brayton, Chris, Sam and I headed up to P-Way today. Luckily it was warmer then its been recently and we were able to climb without freezing today. The main objective was Stand and Deliver. I was able to do the first move and came really close to the second. Thing is hard feeling. I also climbed The Rose (V7) and flashed The Font Problem (V4/9). Despite the rock being less then ideal in some spots, I will likely return before it warms up to try Stand and Deliver again.

The Font Problem

Child of the Storm


CLIMB HIGH said...

hey it doesn't look like your out in the colorado area right now... but I noticed you've climbed alot in newlin, I'm gonna head down this week from foco and was wondering if you could spray some beta my way. Ive been there once and know where some stuff is, I'm really interested in checking out Jaques Cousteau if you have any beta for that I would be psyked! Thanks-Aaron

Adam said...

are these photos actual polaroids, or a digital after effect? either way I like.

hayden said...

@climbhigh: i lived in colorado springs for four years while attending colorado college. i would be happy to give you directions if you need them (email me at haydenbdmiller at gmail dot com) but i would recommend finding someone you know who has been there and get a tour from them. written directions tend to be difficult and there is lots more great stuff then just jaques cousteau.

@adam: digital after effects