Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hey all. I hope a few of you out there still check this. I have been very busy with finishing up my college education. I turned my senior thesis in last week and it feels great to have accomplished something like that. The countless hours I spent in front of a computer screen got me a bit out of shape but I am getting back into it quickly. I managed to get out to Turkey Rocks the other weekend but besides that it has been a slow month of climbing.
Here are some photos courtesy of Tim Gibson from our trip to Patagonia this spring. After studying the regional geology of central Argentina for a month, we headed south and spent about a week in the northern end of Patagonia. We managed to get some amazing climbing in. This place is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and the ease of access and abundance of climbing make it feel like an alpine cragging paradise. We climbed four granite walls or spires over the course of the three good days of weather we got. I have never experienced granite like this, its somewhere in between Squamish style cracks and Buttermilks style patina. Oh and did I mention there are monster sized featured boulders waiting to be developed. Enjoy.

At the base of Aguja Frey

Following pitch two up the center of Aguja Frey

Torre Principal (right) and La Vieja (left).

Bouldering below M2

Approaching La Tapia

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its for your own good said...

that rules. you big wallin. im proud to see this. glad you are still out having fun. come home and climb sometime.