Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cold, Cold Southern Colorado

It has been sunny but cold in Southern Colorado. Today, Kieffer, Julia, Ben and I headed south to seek some quality stone out. It has been a bit since I climbed outside and it felt nice. Overall, a good day with friends.

Nick's Trailside Sloper Problem (still to be named)

Austin's Side Canyon Arete (also still to be named)

Playing with my flash

A large ice waterfall above Austin's arete


sock hands said...

this is rad. someday i need to have enough time to make it back down... all my sessions have been very short lately... hence close to home locales.


hayden said...

if you have any time to come south, i can almost always make it out. until then, you should hook me up with a way to read your blog...

Unknown said...

nice Barkley jersey! I used to have the same one back in the day. Great photos, if your interested I could post some of them on my site with a link back to your blog, just a thought.